Additive-free wines

Name of productCapacityTasteComments
Additive-free Delaware500mlwhite / sweetlimited production
Additive-free Muscat Bailey A500mlred / sweetlimited production
Additive-free Concord720mlred / sweetlimited production

Sparkling wines

Name of productCapacityTasteComments
Japanese Sparkling Miyano-Shita750mlwhite / mediumlimited production
Tako Champion750ml
white / mediumlimited production
Goumei-yama North Vineyard Delaware Sparkling750mlwhite / slightly drylimited production
Niagara Sparkling750mlwhite / slightly sweet
Campbell Sparkling750mlred / slightly sweet
Campbell Sparkling Half-size bottle375mlred / slightly sweet

Premium Wines

Name of productCapacityTasteComments
Osaka Delaware720mlwhite / drylimited production
K.S. Chardonnay720mlwhite / dry
K.S. Assemblage720mlred / dry
Muscat Bailey A & Black Queen720mlred / dry
Katashimo Honbudou Goumei-yama Southwest Vineyard720mlwhite / drylimited production
Goumei-yama Merlot720mlred / drylimited production
RI-KA-EN Muscat Bailey A720mlred / drylimited production
RI-KA-EN Katashimo Honbudou720mlwhite / drylimited production
RI-KA-EN Katashimo Honbudou Muddy Slightly Sweet720mlwhite / slightly sweetlimited production
Goumei-yama Chardonnay Barrel Aged720mlwhite / drysold out
Goumei-yama Chardonnay Barrel Aged. Bottled at April, 7th 2022720mlwhite / drylimited production
Yama – Sauvignon720mlred / dry258 pcs produced
Merlot & Muscat Bailey A 2019720mlred / dry739 units produced
Black Queen720mlred / dry299 units produced
K.S. Merlot Barrel Aged720mlred / dry588 units produced
K.S. Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot720mlred / dry689 units produced

Plum Liqueur

Name of productCapacityTasteComments
Red Wine Plum Liqueur 720ml720ml

Kawachi Jouzou Wine

Name of productCapacityTaste備考
Katashimo Kawachi Wine720mlred / drysold out
Katashimo Kawachi Wine720mlwhite / drysold out
Kawachi Jouzou Wine Red Dry720mlred / dry
Kawachi Jouzou Wine White Dry720mlwhite / dry
Kawachi Jouzou Wine Red Dry 300ml300mlred / dry
Kawachi Jouzou Wine White Dry 300ml300mlwhite / dry

Japanese brandy

Name of product容量Comments
Soul of Osaka Spirit375ml
Japanese Brandy Budouka 35°Delaware Barrel Aged500ml
Japanese Brandy Budouka 58°500mllimited production

Kashiwara Jouzou Wine

Name of productCapacityTasteComments
Kashiwara Jouzou Wine Red Dry 720ml720mlred / dry
Kashiwara Jouzou Wine Red Sweet 720ml720mlred / sweet
Kashiwara Jouzou Wine White Dry 720ml720mlwhite / dry
Kashiwara Jouzou Wine White Sweet 720ml720mlwhite / sweet
Kashiwara Jouzou Wine Red Dry 360ml360mlred / dry
Kashiwara Jouzou Wine White Dry 360ml360mlwhite / dry

1 sho bottle wines (1.8L)

Name of productCapacityTasteComments
Kashiuchi Wine Red Dry 1.8L1800mlred / dry
Kashiuchi Wine White Slightly Sweet 1.8L1800mlwhite / slightly sweet
K.S. Regular Red Dry 1.8L1800mlred / dry
K.S. Regular White Dry 1.8L1800mlwhite / dry

Low-alcohol wines

Name of productCapacityTasteComments
K.S. Campbell500mlred / sweet
K.S. Niagara500mlwhite / slightly sweet
Soft and fragrant Delaware500mlwhite / slightly sweetsold out
Neo-Muscat and Riesling with a gorgeous fragrance720mlwhite / slightly sweetlimited production
Soft and fragrant Kyohou500mlred / sweetlimited production

Non-alcohol products

Name of productCapacityTasteComments
KAHI720mlNon-alcohol wine
Muscat Bailey A Juice (Additive-free)720mlred / 100% domestic grapes
sold out
Muscat Bailey A Campbell Early Juice (Additive-free)720mlred / 100% domestic grapes
Niagara Juice (Additive-free)720mlwhite / 100% domestic grapes
Delaware Juice (Additive-free)720mlwhite / 100% domestic grapes
Osaka Delaware Juice (Additive-free)720mlwhite / 100% domestic grapes
Concord Juice (Additive-free)720mlred / 100% domestic grapes
Hiyashi-ame550mlnostalgic taste / 100% domestic raw materialsConcentrate.
Mix in 3-4 times the amount.


Name of productCapacityTasteComments
Taiko Dream Dew Red720mlred / dry
Taiko Dream Dew White720mlwhite / dry