In the late 19th century, Risaburo Takai, the father of the company’s founder, tapped the Katashimo area’s potential for cultivating wine grapes in Hirano, Osaka. The next milestone came in 1914, when the founder Sakujiro Takai, succeeded in making wine after many failures.
He devoted the rest of his life to making the best wine possible.
We inherited his spirit and continuously strive for high-quality wines.
In our vineyards, we don’t use any artificial chemical herbicides and are trying to reduce artificial fertilizers by using organic ones instead as much as we can.
In 2001, we began producing Japanese Grappa.
In 2003, we won the bronze medal at the Monde Selection in Belgium.
In 2004, we won the Minister of Agriculture Prize for “The best local food central contest”, run by the Japanese Food Industry.
In 2013, we were selected for the “Most Contributing 300 small-to-medium-sized enterprises“ (hosted by the Japan Ministry of Trade and Industry)
In commitment to quality, we have always served premium wines.
We only provide wines of the highest quality.

Katashimo Wine Foods Co., Ltd.

About Us

Name of companyKatashimo Wine Foods Co., Ltd.
Location2-9-14 Taiheiji, Kashiwara-shi, Osaka