We will guide you through the vineyards of our company.
Enjoy the seasonal scenery of our vineyard.

Winery tour and tasting

 Heritage Tasting Room

We also have a tasting room on the second floor of the storage house designated as a national cultural property, where visitors can get a taste of our King Selby wine. In the Tasting Room, we have winemaking tools dating back to the Meiji and Taisho periods on display. In a space surrounded by equipment from the Meiji and Taisho eras, when winemaking originated, isn’t it a supreme pleasure to find the perfect wine for yourself while tracing back the background of the product, such as wine-making and grape varieties?
*Please understand that smoking is not allowed within the facilities, including the tasting room.
*The winemaking tools on display were specified as tangible folk cultural assets by Kashiwara city.

Winery Tour

Please check the scheduled tour dates for each month in advance and make a reservation. Please check the Event Information & Notices on the top page of our website for the scheduled tour dates.
We offer a variety of tours, including meals and custom-made tours. Please inquire for the tour fee.
Winery tours for inspections, corporate training, and overseas visitors will be charged 4,000 yen per person (tax included, no meals, only outside high season). The minimum number of participants for special arrangements is 10.

Reservations will be closed when the maximum number is reached.
Reservations must be made by Friday of the previous week.
The minimum number of participants is 10. If the number of participants is less than 10, the event may not be held or the cost for 10 people may be incurred.

Tour Description

Winery - Vineyard - Tasting (at the tasting room or in the tatami room)
Approximate time required: 1.5 to 2 hours


Reservation phone:(+81)072-971-6334